Tuesday, November 22, 2016

TRX Exercises That Work Two Muscle Groups

It's TRX Tuesday! I teach a 45-minute TRX class on Tuesday nights and this morning, I traded in my Power Yoga for a TRX Bootcamp. Butt kicked! I've been out of the TRX game for awhile, and I rarely do much more than demo an exercise, so it was great to get back into a TRX class and be the student.

There are so many great TRX exercises. I thought about sharing my favorites with you, but they are all my favorite for one reason or another which would make for a very long post. So today, I thought I'd break down a handful of TRX exercises that work more than one muscle group. Exercises like this save you time in the gym, and generally present a greater challenge.

trx, suspension training, fitness equipment, compound exercises
If you are new to TRX training, please use caution. Always speak with your physician, a certified personal trainer or a group fitness instructor if you have any concerns.

Before I break down the aforementioned exercises, let me share a few reasons why the TRX suspension system is so great:

1) One piece of equipment can work every single muscle group.
2) Your core is actively involved from start to finish—no crunches!
3) It travels well, so you can take your workout with you.
4) Almost anyone at any fitness level can do it.
5) It will change the way you challenge your muscles.

Here come the exercises:

First up, a squat to a twisted high pull. Legs and core work together in this one. You'll start in a squat and as you stand up, you'll twist up toward the ceiling. Squat again, then twist up in the opposite direction.

trx, suspension training, fitness equipment, compound exercises, upper body exercise, core exercise
Try to keep your arms straight the entire time, forcing your core (not the arms) to produce the twist.

Save your arm muscles for a biceps curl to a reverse high pull.

trx, suspension training, fitness equipment, compound exercises, biceps exercise, compound exercises, shoulder exercises
Back and biceps. Opposing muscle groups. Keep the elbows lifted as you curl, lifting up and over to bring your knuckles to your shoulders. As you open up again, you'll turn the wrists and go back up in a reverse high pull. Alternate between the two and appreciate all that your arms are doing.

Glutes and hamstrings power this one:

trx, suspension training, fitness equipment, compound exercises, butt exercise, hamstring exercise
I promise you this hamstring curl to a hip press will make your backside burn. All of it. lift the hips, bring the heels in, then press the hips up. Return to the start and repeat.

Chest and obliques:

trx, suspension training, fitness equipment, compound exercises, upper body, core exercise, pushup variation
Spiderman pushups aren't easy, and the straps certainly enhance the challenge. Consider this an advanced exercise! Start in a plank, then pull your knee to your shoulder as you drop down into a  pushup. Alternate your legs to keep it even. If you need to modify, do a pushup, then pull in the knee while you stay in plank position.

If you need further modifications, or if you have any questions about TRX suspension training, feel free to reach out: tara (at) adailydoseoffit (dot) com.

Question: Is there a workout or exercise that kicks your butt every single time no matter what? What kind of TRX classes are offered at your gym? If you have a TRX suspension trainer at your house, where do you anchor it?

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