Sunday, January 25, 2015

#linklove: Good Reads from Around the Internet, Vol. 2

One of the things I'm working on this year: Relaxation. I'm not, like, trying to be lazy or anything. Don't get me wrong. Naturally speaking, I'm a go-go-go type of person. Whenever I sit, it's like my brain knows to immediately remind me of something that I should/could be doing instead. So, yeah...I'm working on relaxation. Stopping. Sitting. Enjoying. For me, this means finding more time to read when the kids are in bed. Magazines, books, articles on the Internet. I just love the written word. So today, I give you some link love. Just in case you, too are working on the whole "relaxation" thing.

1) Behold, 20 nutrition facts that should be common sense—but they aren't because there's just so much (often false) information out there. Also, these food and nutrition myths.

2) I can't do pull-ups. OK, I might be able to do one or two if I really try super hard, but I basically suck at them. And yet, they remain on my radar as "that one thing I want to perfect someday." Which is why I'm pocketing this pull-up training plan

4) I really like high-intensity interval training. I like walking away from a workout knowing that I just kicked my own ass. But here's the thing—I also like lower impact workouts. Workouts that are slow, yet still get the job done. Because these types of workouts are just as good. And fitness does not have to be an "all-out war on the body." Note: Fitness should also enhance your life, not hurt it.

5) Do you work with a personal trainer? Don't insult them. (PS: Read the article for a quote from yours truly.) Do you want to be a personal trainer? 8 Reasons why it's an awesome job.

6) I am addicted to Starbucks. For real. Gold card member. It's an expensive habit, so I am grateful for this list of 14 money saving Starbucks hacks. Oh, I also like saving money at Target.

7) Pretty sure I'm gonna make every. single. one. of these healthy and portable mason jar meals.

8) Every time I hold my kiddos, I feel...literally feel them growing up. My babies, still so small, yet getting so big. Make it stop. Read this: In the nursery, where time stands still.

9) Whenever I buy something new to wear, no matter what it is, I always want the white, black or grey version of it. Is that a  problem? Not according to this post.

10) Need some motivation? 15 Inspirational quotes to knock the winter blues out of you.

Question: When you buy clothing, shoes or accessories (or anything you wear on your body), do you gravitate toward certain colors and/or color schemes? Just curious!

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