Saturday, January 10, 2015

I started training again...maybe.

I kicked off a new training plan this week, which means I dusted off my Chicago Women's Half training plan that I've been using for pretty much every race since. It's basic, builds miles and fits into my group fitness schedule. So it works (for me).

What am I training for? Well, since I posted my 2015 race wish list, I got this crazy idea to run a 25K in May. As in, 15.5 miles.

No, seriously. 
This is a crazy idea because:

1) I will be doing my training in the dead of a Michigan winter—my slow season.
2) I hate the treadmill (but see #1).
3) This distance is longer than a half marathon, which is currently my distance of choice.

We shall see. 

I updated my 2015 race wish list accordingly, adding this and a new half marathon to the list (which would essentially be my last long run before the 25K...and/or the Spring half marathon I'm gunning for). No, I haven't registered for either of these races yet, mostly because I want to get into the training a little bit more to see how it goes.

So...maybe I kicked off a new training plan?

I'm crossing my fingers.
Cross yours for me?

This 25K would be a huge accomplishment for me if I can make it happen. Like, huge. (See above.)

And since I'm aiming to increase mileage again, I'm reacquainting myself with the foam roller. Christmas gift:

I mean, it's pink. And it raises money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Hello.

Pink gym bag, pink Spinning I dare get a pink Yoga mat? Because I've been looking for a new one. Would that be too much? Say " would not."

Speaking of running, I knocked off three miles on the track at my gym today before I jumped on the treadmill for one more. Four miles done inside. Stupid snow outside. My (beach) town is much better in the Summer. #puremichigan

Question: How do you get through Winter running if you live somewhere that sees actual Winter weather? Like, mentally, how do you do it?


Renee said...

Ugh winter training is the worst I have a half marathon in March training started December 29th and I've only had 2 outside runs so far. Treadmill running makes my skin crawl but when it's -3 outside it's the only way to get it in. My foam roller and I are getting cozy now too. Are those capris from Old Navy? Super cute.

adailydoseoffit said...

Thanks! They're that FILA line at Kohl's. And they're reversible. The other side is more of a solid print that's shiny and makes me feel like I have pleather workout pants on. Haha! Good luck with your training!

Annmarie said...

I feel your pain! I live in the frozen tundra and having been training for a half since the end of December!!! You totally got this- maybe you'll even end up loving the 'mill? ;) Ps. You should totally treat yourself to a pink yoga mat!!!

megabrooke said...

Hi blog-name-twin! ;-)
My fingers are crossed for you for training for a 25K! That's awesome and definitely doable! I'm right there with you with the woes of the winter running. Being in New England and just the other day having -7 degree temps outside make getting out there pretty rough. I'm not currently training for a specific race, but do try to get at least one or two runs in a week to keep my running stamina up. For me, I try to pick out cute running gear which helps motivate me- I just got some fun running gloves and a new pair or tights. Marshalls or TJMaxx are places I find good deals on this stuff. And more than anything, it's just kind of mind over matter- not thinking about it too much before and just getting out there and running. Usually when I'm out, I warm up quick and I forget how cold it is (usually, not always!). GOOD LUCK!

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