Thursday, January 15, 2015

I didn't run today (and why that's acceptable). (#pinspirationthursday)

Is anyone else having a crazy week? Show of hands...

Alright, good. I'm not alone. I'm never alone, at least that's what I tell myself. What would life be without a little bit of crazy? Boring, that's what.

I started the week off without my usual Monday client, which led to a morning full of meetings. And a 2-mile run, since I'm technically training for a race (maybe). And then on Tuesday, I taught Spinning.

After which I sat through another meeting.

See, I've had this disorganized to-do list in front of me all week. I can't get it together, and I can't get it to go away. I've also had an unusual amount of meetings this week in addition to regularly scheduled classes and clients, so that could be the problem.

Let me continue:

On Wednesday, I taught my Barre Fit class, then spent the rest of my shift trying to get a few things done only to return back to the gym at night for another meeting. Before which I treated myself to a PiYo Live class. I like being a student every once in a while because it helps me keep my knowledge of the choreography in check.

Which brings me to today.

I had every intention of checking off another training run—three miles, to be specific—and then ANOTHER meeting got the best of me. So I didn't run today. When I realized that it probably wasn't going to happen, I started to freak out a little because #training.

I could have headed back into the gym after dinner, but I wasn't willing to give up time with the husband and kids. Not today. I just felt like being at home was more important since I was gone last night.

And you know what, as I sit here right now typing this, I'm totally OK with my impromptu rest day. It happened, I enjoyed it, and I'll pick up again tomorrow where I left off because:

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I can't restart the day, so I'm not going to dwell on it. But I can still focus on what's to come, whether that has anything to do with running or not.

Sometimes we have to do that. We just have to move forward. Because that's where life is. In front of us. And in this time of resolutions, goals, hopes and dreams, it's incredibly important to remember that the past is in the past. So, you know...

Let it go...
Let it go...
Don't let it hold you back anymore.

Let it go...
Let it go...

Geeze, sorry.

We're clearly not over Frozen in this house.

Question: When it comes to working out/balancing life/doing all the things, what's the first to go if you need more room in your schedule? When you miss a workout, does it stress you out? How does it make you feel?

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