Thursday, July 24, 2014

A @JostRunning #VirtualRace #RaceRecap

The following post contains a sponsored opportunity: I was not compensated to write about my experience with Jost Running, however I did receive virtual race entries in exchange. As always, the opinions within are my own.

Postpartum running presents a giant question mark. It will either go really well, or you'll feel the effects of pregnancy on your body. Or you might fall somewhere in between the two extremes. Regardless, you'll need some serious motivation to lace back up again.

A few months ago, Cynthia from Jost Running asked if I'd like to participate in a few of their races in exchange for an honest review. Of course, I said "yes" because I knew it would be some awesome postpartum running inspiration—even though you're not running with a giant group of people, it's still a race and you can still compete. Which is fun, at least it is for me.

So up first, a Beat the Heat 5K. Cynthia sent me the race medal in advance:

Pretty, right? And hefty. If you're into race medals, Jost Running won't disappoint. For a small fee, you'll get a voucher to participate. The fee goes to Jost's charity of the month. This month, it happens to be Girls on the Run in San Diego, California.

You run the miles, you support the charity—and then you get a medal. So everyone wins. To make the race even more official, Jost Running sets you up with a race bib:

Wear it, don't wear it. It's up to you. After you clock your miles, you can enter your time onto the leader board. I came in at 26:36, which puts me in second place right now.

The leader came in :10 ahead of me. I checked the board before I headed out to see what the standings were. This, of course, motivated me throughout my run. I knew I had to push my current pace to come in close. Translation: Postpartum running inspiration.

So how's it going for me? I've been feeling really good. Definitely in a much better, more comfortable spot than I was after my first pregnancy. Is my running where it should be? Not necessarily. The legs are heavy and I have miles to build on, but it's all coming back to me.

I'm scheduled for another 4-miler this weekend, and when I get up to the 6-mile mark next month, I'll be running another Jost race: the Home Run 10K.

Every month, Jost Running presents 5K, 10K, half and full marathons. Why this is cool: There's a race distance for everyone. Even if you aren't a runner. You can walk a virtual can run/walk a virtual race. You won't have to worry about missing the finish, because in a virtual race, the finish is yours for the taking—whenever and however you can take it.

1) Virtual races rock.
2) Jost Running rocks.

I'll be sharing more on the subject over the next few weeks. Virtual racing is new to me and my mind is on overdrive with thoughts and ideas! Until then, follow Jost Running on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be in-the-know on all of their upcoming races.

See you on the leader board?

Don't forget to enter my Cuppow giveaway! Your canning jars will thank you.

Question: Are you a fan of virtual races? Why or why not?

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