Sunday, July 21, 2013

#IndyWomensHalf Training Update, Week 3

Whether or not you're sitting on pins and needles about it, I'm here to announce that I've chosen a FlipBelt winner. Was it you? Check your email! Alas, if you did not receive an email from me, you can still snag a FlipBelt with a sweet 10% discount if you use DDOF10 at checkout. This code ends on August 15, just so you know—and just so you know, the FlipBelt is totally worth every penny you pay for it. And I say that not because I'm making any sort of monies off the company (I'm really not), I say it because the belt is dang awesome. Runners, order one. Thank me later.

Time for an update:

I ran most of my miles quite successfully this week. The knee was still feeling a bit sore on Monday, so I shaved half a mile off my run. It's still feeling a bit sore at times, but only if I bend and flex it oddly (like when I kneel at the tub to give Hannah a bath, for example). It didn't give me any problems on my 8-miler yesterday. In fact, I felt really good from start to finish. Here's how it split:

Mile 5 = The time I busted ass to pass a girl running in front of me.

If I can keep this type of pace up up, I'll be a happy runner come August 31.

I see you, Indy.

Question: Run any races this weekend? Tell me!


Kristy H. said...

Great job Tara. I ran the Chemical bank run downtown on Saturday. Just a 5k. That was my very first race 3 years ago when it was the Venetian festival. That is a fun race.

Meganne Hoffman said...

Holy schnikey. 6 weeks 'til Indy?!?! Keep it up, girl!

adailydoseoffit said...

6 weeks, indeed ;-)

adailydoseoffit said...

Awesome! I was thinking about running that... How'd you do?

Kristy H. said...

Tara, I did it in 31:59. Not terrible but not great. Have fun in Chicago, can't wait to hear how it goes.

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