Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pinspiration Thursday

I hate it when I recommend something to you guys, only to find out that it might not be worth recommending. Furthermore, I hate it when things turn out to be not quite what they seem. I like to give people, things and businesses the benefit of the doubt. I like to be positive about things for as long as possible, hoping for the good to overcome the bad if the bad does exist... Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes we wait for the whole story forever and it never comes. And so why am I bringing this up? Turns out, pvBody might not be the company I thought they were and there's a lot of negativity swirling around about them right now. They're that fitness clothing subscription service I sampled a few weeks ago. Anyway, you can read more about that by checking out the note I added to my original post. But really, what I want you to take away from today is positivity.

There's a lot of negativity in this world. Some of it is warranted, some of it isn't. So do your best to be positive no matter what. Do your best to believe in people, places and things until you know for sure that it's not worth your time and effort. And most importantly, do your best to believe in your self today, tomorrow and every day for every second, every start to finish. You are worth it no matter what. You know this, right?

Got good pinspiration? Use #pinspirationthursday! I'd love to see what's inspiring you.

Question: What's your daily attitude in life? Aside from being positive, I'm constantly telling myself to slow down and enjoy it. Whatever "it" may be.

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Smitha @ Fauxrunner said...

Great idea! Love it!

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