Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sponsored Post: @Saucony Triumph 10 #Running Shoe Review

As a FitFluential Ambassador, I was recently given the opportunity to try out the new Saucony Triumph 10 running shoes. I'm typically a Nike girl, and had just purchased a new pair to use while training for the Hot Chocolate 15K, but I wasn't about to turn down a pair of Saucony running shoes.

I've heard great things, to say the least. And I'm not necessarily a one-brand girl, so I laced up with an open mind.

Saucony Triumph 10 running shoes will set you back about $130. Pricey, sure. But when it comes to running shoes, you really need to make the investment in a pair that truly fits your foot. And if these happen to be it, the $130 you fork over will be money well spent. But will they fit your foot? Slated as a neutral shoe, they seemed to fit true-to-size. I ordered a Size 7, which is what my Nike running shoes are. As I said before, I've never owned a pair of Saucony shoes, so it was a crapshoot as to whether or not they'd fit. And they did. Perfectly, in fact, after I laced up to the very last hole:

Without the laces looped through that hole, the shoes felt really loose around the ankle. The rest of my foot, however, felt snug as a bug. According to the Saucony website, "breathable open mesh and supportive underlays provide a clean, modern look while securing the foot to the platform." This great fit combined with Saucony's PowerGrid midsole technology to really give my feet a nice, comfortable ride.

Speaking of comfort, I tend to have problems with shoes because I have bunions. The bump on the inside of my big toes often gets squished in shoes, making for some major discomfort. But I had plenty of room in these shoes. I honestly felt like the front of the shoe was a bit wide, actually—but I think that's because of the "deeper flex grooves" built into the soles of the shoes.

And when they say "flex," they really do mean that the Triumph 10s are flexible. I definitely felt like the shoes promoted a smooth transition from heel to toe. Then again, "The redesigned crashpad features three fully-decoupled, independently responsive pods for a smooth landing and efficient transition."

But the heel-to-toe transition isn't the only one worth noting. If you're a Saucony fan, you might already know that this isn't the first Triumph 10 running shoe. It is, however, an updated version. They're lighter, have a new crashpad and (going back to that "snug as a bug" feeling) feature a new ComfortLite sockliner that hugs your foot for added support (particularly around the arch of your foot).

Oh, AND. They come in some pretty sweet colors.

(Any other ladies out there totally jealous of the neon yellow? Diggin' it.)

To conclude, I think it's safe to say that the Saucony Triumph 10 running shoe will be a big part of my running game moving forward. As a neutral runner, the foot support was great from start to finish. I was extremely comfortable during long and short runs, never once getting a blister. Or a cramp. I still like my Nikes, but I notice a difference in support when I switch between the two. So I think I'll save the Nikes for shorter runs and bust out these Saucony Triumph 10s whenever I go the distance. That way, they'll last even longer.

Visit saucony.com for more information about the Triumph 10 running shoes. To stay in-the-know about all things Saucony, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

Question: How many pairs of running shoes do you have in your rotation? Do you run in Saucony shoes, and if so, which model?

Note: I received a free pair of Saucony Triumph 10 running shoes from Saucony via FitFluential, Inc. I was not compensated for this review in any additional way. All opinions are my own.


Happy Fit Mama said...

I know you're not supposed to judge a shoe on looks but those sure are cute!

adailydoseoffit said...

I will admit to judging a shoe by its looks on occasion...but then again, I am fairly obsessed with cute shoes. And if they're comfy, too? BONUS!

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