Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great Gifts for Fitness Fanatics

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are officially over, but the Christmas shopping season has really only just begun. There are but four (count them) FOUR weeks until Santa comes, and since you're undoubtedly one of his little Elves, that means it sure is time you get to gettin'! That is, if you haven't already. (I haven't. Sigh...) And since it's my job to inspire you with a daily dose of fit, I figured it would be a good time to recommend a few great gifts for fitness fanatics. Got any on your "nice" list? If so, I recommend the following:

1) Books and Magazines
I own the Women's Health version and I reference it quite often. It's jam packed with useful information—and I imagine the same can be said for the Men's Health version. Regardless, fitness fanatics generally love keeping up on the latest hints and tips, so if not a book, then maybe a magazine subscription. Think Oxygen and Men's Fitness, and of course, Women's Health and Men's Health. There are a ton of options, really. And don't forget about cookbooks and cooking magazines (like Clean Eating and Cooking Light).

2) Reusable Water Bottles
We fitness fanatics know that water is essential, but we so often hate using those grimy fountains at the gym. So a reusable water bottle makes for the perfect gift! Especially one that's going to last. I'm still loving my Water Bobble, and let's not forget that SIGG bottles can be customized. And speaking of the reusable, fitness fanatics can often be seen toting food from here to there, so a nice and sturdy lunch box is also a really great idea. I mean, so long as it's cool. Try and avoid the plastic/thermos/cartoon character combination. Because really, those are for the kiddies.

3) Fitness Trackers
I've been insanely curious about the product above for quite some time now. It's called a Fitbit, and it "accurately tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and sleep quality." When you walk by the wireless base station, your information is automatically uploaded to the Fitbit website. How cool is that?! Equally cool, the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit, which I already have and use quite often (and yes, there are ways to use it without Nike+ shoes. More on that later.). And, of course, everyone loves a good heart rate monitor. You can find them everywhere.

4) Music
Because really, who doesn't love (legally) downloading music? And while you're at it, a nice set of wireless earbuds would be a great gift, too. Or at least some earbuds designed to stay in your ears.

5) Workout Clothes
When you got it, flaunt it in some stylish workout clothes. Stores like Lululemon (shown above) and Athletica offer excellent options for both men and women, though their stores can be hard to come by—hooray for gift certificates!  Equally good options, Under Armour and Nike (which you can usually find in the stores). And if you're on a tight budget, Target always has an excellent selection of gear.

7) Element Bars
We fitness fanatics love our energy bars, and Element Bars are sure to please almost anyone—mostly because they are totally customizable! Give a gift certificate for an entire box, or create your own and stuff 'em in all the stockings you come in contact with. And remember, LUNA and PURE bars are equally delicious options that can be found in almost any local grocery store. In fact, speaking of grocery stores, take it one step further and give your favorite fitness fanatic a gift certificate to the local health foods store. (Lucky enough to be near a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's? I wish I was!)

7) ETC.
I really could go on and on, but I fear you'll eventually get bored out of your mind, so I'll leave you with a clump of additional options: training gloves, fitness journal, home fitness equipment, a complete collection of travel-size personal care products for post-workout cleanups, a gym membership, sessions with a personal trainer, and—my last but certainly not least idea—a massage.

Question: Have you started shopping yet? If so, when? And did you buy yourself any Christmas gifts yet? That's always my problem when I Christmas shop. I usually want to buy myself something, too!

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