Monday, November 14, 2016

How to Stay Happy and Healthy Over the Holidays

November is here, which means the Holidays are upon us. The celebrations are about to begin, filling your schedule with multiple events and loading your plate with foods that challenge your diet. Will all of this derail the healthy habits you've worked so hard to establish? Don't despair—there are simple things you can do to stay healthy over the Holidays:

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First and foremost, you need to relax.
This is a very fun time of year. Embrace the Holidays from the get-go and you'll hit January in a much better state. Yes, it's crazy. Yes, opportunities to eat more than you usually do will present themselves. And yes, you'll miss a few workouts along the way. Be ready for all of this and you'll be able to accept the stumbles—and recover from them—with much less stress.

Don't be afraid to say "no."
Parties, parties and more parties! First and second helpings—and dessert! There is only one of you, so don't say "yes" to everything. Attend the parties that mean the most to you, and eat portions that mimic your usual meals.  Keeping the season in perspective will help you avoid the overload.

Keep fitness at the forefront of your routine. 
Make it a priority. If your visits to the gym create a happier, healthier you—fight to maintain your routine! Again, it's perfectly find to let the occasional party take precendence, but now (more than ever) is the time to exercise the fitness discipline you've created. If you know this will be difficult, gift yourself personal training sessions or start taking group fitness classes. Accountability at its finest!

Be mindful of germs. 
This sounds like a silly reminder. We're all adults, yes? But there's nothing more frustrating than a virus or bug that brings you down. So wash your hands. Eat your veggies. Take your vitamins. Get your flu shot. Always try to stay one step ahead of the illnesses that can bring you down at this time of year.

Treat yourself.
The Holidays ask us to help those in need. We give gifts, send love and offer support. This is great, but don't forget about your own needs. Sure, it's important to stay on top of your physical health and fitness. You must pay attention to your mental health, too! So treat yourself. To rest. Or a massage. Or a new pair of shoes if that's what makes you smile.

This time of year is crazy, but you don't have to be! Maintain the lifestyle you've worked so hard to create, but add in the fun stuff as you see fit—and enjoy every minute. These weeks of celebration only come around once a year. Embrace them and you'll be happy and stay healthy.

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Question: How do you stay healthy over the Holidays? Any tips and tricks that work for you?

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