Friday, February 19, 2016

Getting Better at Arm Balance Poses (, some new @Athleta gear)

At the beginning of the year, I decided that "do more yoga" would be one of my fitness, health and happiness goals. To achieve this goal, I've been attending the Tuesday morning Power Yoga class at the gym where I work—and I absolutely love it. I tend to get majorly distracted in yoga classes, but this Power Yoga class has managed to keep my attention. It challenges me in all the right ways, and flows at a speed that doesn't really give me time to stop and think. 

Outside of class, I am continuing to play around with arm balance poses.

Striped Chaturanga Tights from Athleta
I'm getting less and less dependent on the wall in a traditional forearm balance, and I can hold it much longer than before—I can even hold a scorpion pose! But I still can't, for the life of me, get up and hold either of the two without the wall. I flip over every time. Literally, every single time. But, progress is progress and I'll just keep working on it. That's why they call yoga a practice, right?

Another forearm balance on my list: Eight-Angle Pose.

Cute Yoga Clothes from Athleta
 I can nail it, but I'm not quite feeling super sturdy with it yet. Not like I am in a one-legged arm balance, which I can now do twisted (at least to one side):

Cute Yoga Clothes from Athleta
Bloggers take note: Use the camera function on your phone to get stills of yourself when you don't have a photographer present. I sometimes use the self-timer on my big camera, but it takes me longer than 10 seconds to get into the poses. Still working on that as well. 

Yoga is a practice. 
Repeat: Yoga is a practice.

And since I'm practicing more yoga, I decided to splurge on some new yoga clothing from Athleta. 

Translation: I raided Athleta when I was in Chicago last week because #obsessedwitheverything. I already had the Striped Chaturanga Tights, so I picked up a matching grey Full Force Tank. I'm obsessed with the back:

Cute Yoga Clothes from Athleta
So super cute. I mean, pretty much everything in Athleta is cute. Like this green and navy combo:

yoga clothing, yoga outfits

I literally wore this outfit all day long (with a sweater, too) because it was so comfortable. Want all the colors, want all the prints. #wantallthethings

You'd be crazy to think I'd walk out of the store without these running tights, too:

Athleta clothing, Athleta running pants, Fitness Fashion
They're the Laser Beam Sonar Capri and they are everything. This selfie doesn't do them justice. The colors are on point...seriously, multi-colored pants are your best investment because you can rotate them through a wide variety of tops and never feel like you're over-wearing them. 

More evidence of my Athleta obsession:
Striped Yoga Pants and Gym Shoes with Flowers

For more fitness fashion, check out the #fitnfashionable link-up. And for more fitness inspiration, check out the Fitness, Health and Happiness link-up. My blogger friends are awesome.

Question: What yoga poses are you currently practicing?

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