Monday, March 25, 2013

The Shelf Life of Food (#Infographic)

At this house, we keep a fairly clean 'fridge because A) We make meals that produce leftovers that we'll actually eat, and B) Clutter is just not something we do. So if there's a funk in the 'fridge, we hunt it down immediately. We like to eat healthy, but we don't like to eat healthy food that's gone bad. Who does, right? But sometimes it can be very hard to know when something is far beyond its edible stage. Me, I err on the side of caution which means that I've probably thrown away perfectly good food in my day. So, I love this. And I think you will, too:

The Shelf Life of Food

Question: What's your take on leftovers? Do you eat them? Some people refuse to, and if that's you, I wanna know why!

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