Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pinspiration Thursday

Ever wake up and say "ain't no way I'm working out today" only to regret it by mid-afternoon? Ever indulge in a bad-for-you lunch and immediately wish you hadn't? Choices like this, we make them because we're human. And because sometimes life gets the best of us whether we want it to or not. So lemme let you in on a little secret:

Source: viaTara on Pinterest

It's the truth, ya know.

No matter how hard you try, accept that you're going to slip up and do something that's not so conducive to the fit life. Why? I'll say it again: Because you're human! Therefore, you are not perfect. Which means you need to realize this: A misstep does not have to throw you off completely. Why? See above. You can hit the restart button, but only if you let yourself. Translation: Only if you let yourself let go. Dwell on whatever misstep you've made and, well...who wants to sit and stew in a pile of negativity? Not me. And I bet not you.

So even if there is but one or two hours left in your day, hit the reset button. Just do it. Refocus your thoughts, learn from that misstep and get back to being your bad-a self.

Question: How do you get yourself back on track after a misstep or less-than-fit choice?

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