Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 More Popular Posts (#28DBC)

I can't be lazy. Which is totally silly, right? Who can't be lazy? Me, apparently. Back story: I was super tired this afternoon, but I decided that (while Hannah was sleeping) I'd do some yoga. Wednesday is my yoga day and I didn't do any last week, so it needed to happen this week to get me back on track. So I did it, and then I thought I'd be lazy. That I'd rest up until Hannah woke up. Everything else could wait, right? Wrong. I managed to curl up with all of this...

...for like, five seconds before the wheels started churning out motivation to think and act. I soon found myself jotting away in my Daily Dose notebook, planning future posts and writing down potential topics. And then I found myself at the computer.

Seriously, why can't I just be lazy?

I decided to take a semi-lazy approach to today's post. Instead of writing up one of the posts I had planned out, I'm knocking off another item on my 28-Day Blog Challenge list of things to do. Meaning,  behold five more popular posts from A Daily Dose of Fit. They've all been updated for your re-viewing pleasure.

1) Be yourself.

2) Gym Motivation T-Shirts

3) Hot Chocolate 15K Training Plan

4) One Hour Circuit Workout, Weekend Recap

5) Workout Wednesday: Lateral Burpees

Until tomorrow, friends.

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