Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"I haven't lost any weight...

...but I feel good!"

I hear this a lot at the gym. People always talk about the number on their scale, how it isn't budging at all despite their greatest efforts against it. To which I always respond: "How do your clothes fit?" or "How are your energy levels?" or even "Do you feel stronger?" And the answer to these questions always sheds some light on that number on their scale.

If your clothes are fitting better, you're getting smaller. If you have more energy and if you feel stronger—then whatever you're doing at the gym is paying off. That's what matters. More than the number on the scale. So pay less attention to it, and more attention to how you'd answer the above questions. And if you really want a number to focus on, focus on your body fat percentage.

Oxygen recently posted "The Fit Woman's Guide to Body Fat" on their website, and I encourage you all to take a look at it. Guys, even you. It expands on the above, and such an expansion is a reminder we all need to pay attention to on occasion.

I'll let you explore the words, but I'd like to explore the associated image. Check this fit girl out:

I'm curious: How do you feel about her muscles?

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