Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Running Into 2019: Goals and Dreams

Here we are, 15 days into the new year. I'm running at it full force, completely propelled by a list of 2019 goals and dreams. This is going to be a big year. A good year. I know it—do you?

We say that every year, though.

"This is my year."
"It's going to be the best."

And yet, we somehow never believe ourselves when we make those statements. Friends, let's all of us choose to believe ourselves this year. Right here, right now. Decide with me that 2019 will be fantastic because it can be. I promise you this.

Declare your goals.
Believe in them.
Then chase them down with a fierceness you never knew existed.

And then, decide to be happy. Just decide it!
Because happiness is something we all deserve.

Also, it's something we can easily achieve.

So, goals and dreams. 2019. Let's do this, shall we?
Declaring right here, right now, that I will:

1) Push myself beyond my fears. Never in my life have I ever believed that I could possibly run a marathon. I created excuse after excuse and stood by them wholeheartedly. But then, someone else believed in me. And I started to believe in myself, which is ultimately why I signed up for the Chicago Marathon. So this is my year to push myself beyond my fears. To believe in myself so that I'm not holding myself back. Ever. Because that's just silly, right?

2) Run a race every single month. Perhaps not as deep as the previous goal, but specific and measurable—and fun. With the marathon looming ahead of me, running is going to be a challenge that may shift into "not fun" territory. So to keep myself loving every minute, I've decided to sign up for at least one race every month this year. Running is, and should always be, completely fun. Hopefully by the end of the year, I'll have a set of medals to prove it.

3) Cross the finish line at the Chicago Marathon on my own two feet. I have no time goals. I really don't! This experience will be new, exciting and incredibly challenging. All I want to do is cross the finish line on my own two feet. I have a training plan in mind, and I intend to follow it as best I can to set myself up for that finish I crave.

4) Meditate weekly. Mental health is important. I have a go-go-go mentality that isn't always good for the brain. I hope to calm some of the chaos by developing a much better relationship with meditation. Not sure what that looks like just yet, but I am currently shooting for at least twice a week. Small changes lead to big results, yes?

5) Read daily. I spent the back half of 2018 developing a hardcore reading routine. I did my best to read daily, even if it was one chapter or just five pages of a book or magazine. I want to continue that tradition this year. If there's one thing I love, it's turning off my brain and diving into my imagination via the printed page.

Of course, these are just a few of my goals and dreams for 2019. The items on this list are a bit more applicable to this space. Those that pertain to work or to my personal life at home...I won't bore you with talks of budgets and profits, and some things are best kept closer to the heart. Thing is, no matter what your goals and dreams are, or how long your list is, there's still one major goal and dream we all share:

"This is my year."
"It's going to be the best."

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