Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#linklove: Good Reads from Around the Internet, #workoutwednesday Edition!

I know, I's so nice out, the last place you want to be is at a computer reading things. That's what cloudy days are for. Or maybe that's what you do at night before you hit the hay. So here, a few things you might want to check out. And since it's technically #workoutwednesday, each article is directly related to (obviously) working out! Yay!

1) I recently turned one of my personal trainers into a group fitness instructor. He was totally hesitant and completely nervous about it, but I swore he'd do just fine. Truth: It's fun, and equally nerve-wrecking, to get up in front of a class full of people. If you're considering it, and even if you're a seasoned group fit instructor, you might like these eight tips.

2) Every personal trainer is different. That's the beauty of this industry, we can all bring something to the table—and we can totally learn from each other. Here, 100 rules of a successful personal trainer.

3) Do you like Spinning classes? Me, I love them...actually, I teach them. But this week, I got to TAKE one because I needed to check out a potential new instructor. So instead of focusing on the class from a leadership perspective, I got to focus on me, myself and my bike. Which makes this article with 30 things that go through your head in a Spinning class a bit more relatable. Note: It's hilarious.

4) It's no secret that I love running half marathons. I'd run them all if I could afford them. Closest I've ever put two together? A little over a month apart. And I might do the same again this year, so I'm going to pocket these tips for running back-to-back races.

5) I'm always looking for new ways to "torture" my students in Barre Fit. I like exercises that use little to no equipment. And if I can do high rep/low weight, even better. When I saw these five moves for arms and abs, I added them to my repertoire of go-to moves.

6) As a fitness director, I am constantly trying to bring new and exciting things to my gym. Current project? Arial yoga. I'm doing a test class on Monday morning. Wonder if she'll show me any of these nine poses that defy gravity.

7) I love pistol squats. Can you do them?

8) What do you worry about when you work out?

9) One of the biggest reasons people skip their workouts? Lack of time. Here are 20 tips to help you make sure you don't miss a workout.

10) Yes, you can tone your abs without crunches.

Question: What do you find yourself worrying about when you work out?

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