Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why I like being a mother. #happymothersday

There aren't very many hours left in this day, but I'm soaking up every last minute of it. I am a mother, and today is my day. Does that sound selfish? Maybe it is, but I'm not in it for the gifts or the praise. I'm in it because I love being a mother. Seriously, it's the best.

To all the mothers out there, those that fall under the textbook definition and those that don't, but embrace the role of caregiver, loving heart, inspiration and so much more—I wholeheartedly salute you.

And I hope you had/are having the best of weekends. Mine started out with a date night on Friday. I love my kids, but I also like eating a meal slowly without having to share (and with a side of wine). I chose a nice chicken pesto pasta dish to carb up because on Saturday morning, I woke up and snagged an 11-miler in the spitting rain:

I met up with my local running group for this one because I just didn't feel like running alone. I try to run with them as often as I can. Great people, all of them, and from all sorts of running backgrounds. One lady brought her dog (that can run at least 13 miles without a problem). Another guy just completed two back-to-back (one Saturday, one Sunday) half marathons. The inspiration is off the hook. And it makes me so excited for this coming Sunday's half marathon.

Needless to say, after 11 miles, I was super hungry. So I came home to eat lunch, which ended with some chocolate cake.

Hey, it's my weekend. Don't judge.

Today, we woke up, went to church and lunch, and then did a bit of shopping. I don't need or want presents, just time with the family. But since we were out, I decided to pick up some girly non-essentials for myself.

A new tank for this weekend's race. Some aloe-based lotion from Bath & Body Works that seems as if it'll be extremely awesome come summer (and some matching shower gel because...why not). And finally, a new nail filer. It's the little things in life, eh?

Like this glass of wine that I drank earlier tonight:

Totally deserved.

Right? Yes. It's my weekend, remember? Seriously, though. I absolutely love being a mother. Here's why:

1) My children are incredibly entertaining. I just never know what they'll do next.
2) They give me an excuse to act like a kid.
3) Two words: True love.
4) They challenge me to be the best version of myself.
5) They prove that the little things are really, truly the best things in life.
6) They are my past, my present and my future. So life has been, is and will be good.

I don't put pictures of my kids on the blog. I won't ever, probably. But they're on the blog in pictures of myself. In my eyes, my smile and beaming out of my heart. Because without them, half of my existence would be null and void. I am one person made of four parts: Me, my husband, my daughter and my son.

I couldn't imagine it any other way.

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