Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Today #2

This post is dedicated to my good friend Meganne, who casually reminded me this afternoon that I hadn't posted anything in a few days. Sorry to send you into withdrawals, gurl. And thanks for being my #1 fan, yo!

This is happening right now:

I'm blogging in the dark with a single glass of red, my house completely silent except for hum of our washing machine and the very distant rumblings of a busy interstate. So distant, I almost forget that it's even there. All of this noise calms me. In some way, it even inspires me. And the wine, well...creative juice? Antioxidants? Regardless, it's been a week so I'll update you on the past few days in one fell swoop. (I did this once before.)


We had the privilege of hosting Billy Blanks, Jr. and Sharon Catherine Blanks at the gym on Thursday. They were in town and stopped by to teach Dance It Out, which is the cardio dance program they developed. Truth: These two are awesome. So positive, so inspiring and completely motivating. The crowd was pretty great, too. So much booty shakin' going on, I almost forgot that I was in a dance fitness class. Because really, I felt like I was on a dance floor with some of my best girlfriends. That's how awesome the energy was.


It was a pretty standard day, honestly. I taught my 6AM class, had a few clients, then hung out with my girlie all afternoon until the husband came home early from work. He wasn't even supposed to be at work, but it's been a week for him, too. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I inhaled this on my way home from the aforementioned 6AM class:

A few weeks ago, I attended a "health starts here" event at   the Whole Foods in my neck of the woods. And after the event, I shopped around for a bit. One of the employees caught me checking this bad boy out and so graciously gave it to me for free. I expressed my hesitation about the coconut, to which she replied with the assurance that I'd love it.

And she was right. Dang good, this bar was.
Speaking of bars. Friday marked the end of my GoMacro giveaway. Susan won:

Two of my favorites, girl. Especially the peanut butter chocolate chip because, let's be honest, you can't go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate chip anything, right?


I got through seven miles, but here's the thing: I'm not sure how I feel about this two-week taper. Friendly reminder: I'm training for the Indianapolis Women's Half Marathon, and since this is the second half marathon I've run this summer, I decided to try the long-taper route this time around. 

I just...mentally, after I ran my 12-miler, I was ready. I wanted the next weekend to produce race day. Don't get me wrong, I was happy with my seven-miler this weekend, but was hard. Like, I was supposed to run nine but I only ran seven because I just couldn't. Maybe it's because I had a busy week and by the time my alarm went off...maybe I just couldn't. But I did. For seven miles at least. 

So this week, I've got a few short runs on the docket and then race day will finally be here. If I can keep my pace around 9:30 with a few faster miles in between, my shots at hitting that two-hour mark will be pretty good. Any tips, send them my way (please). I really, really wanna make this happen.

This also happened on Saturday:

Progress on the deck. I can already envision what it'll look like finished, complete with a nice table and some comfy chairs. Now I just need a laptop so I can blog in the glow of a sunny afternoon.

(Seriously, this pic makes our deck look massive. In reality, it's actually perfectly proportioned for our back yard. Big enough for a table and some chairs and breathing space, but it doesn't take over the yard. #perfect)


We took the girl to the splash pad here in town, which is fancy talk for a really big fountain you can play in. Best ever. You bet I walked around that fountain with her. And now I'm drinking wine. This girl doesn't have to work tomorrow. It's a lightweight work week for me because the husband is totally off. But I do have to run. Perhaps I should stop it with the wine?!

Question: What are your tips for picking up speed during a race when all you wanna do is slow down? You know, just in case this happens to me this weekend. (Hope it doesn't.)

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