Friday, August 9, 2013

Go ahead, HIIT it.

Friday. Best word ever, eh? The weekend is here, even if you're at work right now. Pretty soon, you'll have a few days to do as you please. So maybe you want to work out? Just in case, I've put together this quick total-body blast for you. It's a bit HIIT, a bit traditional. For some moves, you'll watch a clock. For others, you'll count reps. I've noted which is which. As always, be sure to warm up first. And when you're done, you'll want to stretch.

Wait...hold up.

What is a plank-to-frog pushup?

Start in a straight-arm plank position.
Jump your feet to your hands, landing in a low wide-leg squat.
Jump your feet back to a plank position.
Do a pushup.


What is a low plank hold?

Just hold the down portion of a pushup. See, I'm doing it in the photo above. If this is too much for you, modify to a regular plank position. Hands or forearms, it's totally up to you. But however you do it, keep those hips in line with your shoulders. No sinking down to the floor! (Protect your low back.) No bums in the air! (That's cheating, friend.)

If you can only do this workout three times through, that's cool. Work yourself up to five. Or more. This is an adaptable workout, so feel free to adjust times/reps to fit your fitness. Always adjust times/reps to fit your fitness, no matter what the workout.

Question: Do you plank? Favorite way to plank? What is the longest you've ever held a plank for? Don't be shy—Brag about yourself! 


Clarinda said...

Curtsy Lunges? Rope Climb Crunches? How do I do these?

adailydoseoffit said...

A curtsy lunge is exactly like it sounds, a lunge that takes on curtsy form. So instead of stepping straight back into a lunge with your right leg (for example), you step back and to the left as if you were doing a curtsy in front of a queen... yourself in the mirror, perhaps?! Ha!

Rope climb crunches. Here's a link to a previous post that contains a how-to:

Clarinda said...

Ah! Thanks so much. :)

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