Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Three Years

Three years ago, I sat at my computer and did something that I had always wanted to do: I started a blog. I didn't know who would read it or if it would last, but I knew that I wanted it to be about health and fitness. I wanted to put valuable information out there that people could actually use. Plus, maybe just a little bit of me, too. I wanted to have fun with it...I knew that I did not want it to become a job. I love writing, and I wanted to love blogging no matter what. And here I sit today.

Still typing away, still loving every minute of it. A Daily Dose of Fit has grown significantly since that first post, as have I. I've worked with some really great brands, attended some awesome events and shared some great milestones in my personal life. Tomorrow, we start Year 4. It's another beginning for Daily Dose as I continue to have fun with new ways to share information. And really, it's another beginning for me, too.

I was recently promoted at the gym, and will be representing my coworkers as the Fitness Director. I have big shoes to fill, and I have learned much from the wearer of said shoes. It's all still very new to me right now, and that's all I have to say about it for the time being, but I'm excited. I'm very much up for the adventure.

For this adventure, too—Otherwise known as Year 4 of A Daily Dose of Fit. And what better way to kick it off than with some half marathon training. I mean...right?! I did three quick miles this morning in my Saucony Triumph 10 running shoes. I haven't been wearing them much lately because I knew that my running game was about to significantly increase and I wanted to preserve them for that, but they're back in action. I'm back in action.

And then I spent some time with these guys:

I have yet to use my CPR training, and I hope I never have a reason to. But I am certainly glad that I am fully prepared to assist in a situation that might require it. God forbid it's ever on my daughter.

Honestly, the little baby mannequins creep me out.

Speaking of babies, don't forget to enter my Happy Family giveaway.

Question: This is random and not at all related to the post above, but I'm in desperate need of some workout pants. Mine are all too big, and I always seem to pick the kind that fall down. Recommendations? Go!


Kristy H. said...

So excited for you Tara. I love me some capris from Target. Tjmaxx might have something too.

Bethany said...

I hear LuLu Lemon are awesome, but I can't afford them! I like my Nike capris. Got them at Nordstrom Rack.

CONGRATS ON THE PROMOTION! so proud of you!!! More hours?

adailydoseoffit said...

Seriously, Lulu is so expensive. A few more hours, yes. But I'm still part time. In fact, Hannah comes to work with me...she has a little playmat in my office!

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