Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Workout Week: Basic Body Builder

When it comes to exercise, revisiting the basics can be a very good thing. Not only will it refresh your memory, it will give you a benchmark on which you can test the progression of your strength and overall fitness. So that's what today's workout does—it takes you back to some basic exercises. Do it once, then do it again in a few weeks to see how far you've come. Do it to check your form, or simply because oldies are always goodies. If you're just starting out, as long as you've got the go-ahead from your doc, then doing so with the basics is both logical and obvious.

Regardless, please remember to proceed at your own risk.

Some clarifications:

Slow Calf Presses on a Step
While these may seem easy, if you really take the time to press through your toes using your calf muscles, you'll find yourself at the mercy of a nice burn.

Bent Rows, Palms Face In
Keeping your palms facing in sets you up for successful squeezing of the shoulder blades which, of course, helps to activate those back muscles even more.

As always, modify to knees if you need to.

Arnold Shoulder Presses
Start with your palms facing in toward your chest, then press the weights up overhead as you turn your palms away from you. Return to your starting position and repeat.

Slow Double Crunches
Much like the calf presses, the more time you take with your abdominal work, the greater the burn.

As always, contact me with questions: dailydose (dot) notes (at) gmail (dot) com.


pluvk said...

I'm loving these workouts! I know you're only doing it for a week, but Workout MONTH has a nice ring to it! ;-)

adailydoseoffit said...

Hmmm, I like your thinking.

Sassy said...

my husband is wanting to go from average to body builder..we had a trainer but he wasnt very good and he is the only one in our area. We have a little knowledge of what he needs to be doing. But is there anyway you can email me a good workout routine for him. he is 190 and 5'9. my email is babydoll8811@hotmail.com

Sassy said...

Yes there are gyms. We go to one. No trainers tho. I was just curious what would be the best workouts for him

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