Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do you experiment with fitness?

Despite the fact that I recently discovered Julianna Margulies in "The Good Wife," and despite the fact that I recently picked up the 758-page issue of Vogue—I started a new book. The Great Fitness Experiment by Charlotte Hilton Anderson. A fascinating read, really...taken from her aptly titled blog, The Great Fitness Experiment. In her book (and obviously in her blog) she spends one year "trying everything" and by "everything" I mean functional training, Jillian Michaels, CrossFit, Kettlebells and more. And she does so with heart—and a hefty dose of honesty, too. Charlotte isn't shy about her issues with compulsively overexercising, and speaks very candidly about her struggles with overcoming it. In her words:

We can all identify with that in one way or another, right? We might not all be compulsive exercisers, but we probably know what it feels like to need just one more minute in the gym, or just one more workout this week. Compulsive overexercising isn't a joking matter, but Charlotte finds the right kind of  humor in her book. The kind that keeps you reading. And, well...her experiments are quite interesting, too. I'm only three chapters in, to be quite honest, so the fact that I'm already recommending it says a lot.

Oh, and I should let you know that Charlotte is not a professional. She's not a personal trainer, not a group fitness instructor. She's an everyday woman sharing her honest opinion. And in the first chapter, she talks about functional training.

And in one that follows, she talks about CrossFit. I'll admit—this is one workout I don't know much about, so I'm anxious to read the chapter. What is CrossFit?

P90X who? Exactly. I only wish I could give some of this a try right now, but clearly that'll have to wait 'till this baby pops out. Until then, I'll make do with reading about it in Charlotte's book.

Speaking of Baby, things are going well. I may have gone to bed at 7:30PM last night...I may have gained a few pounds...but it's all for the good of this child within. And I couldn't be happier or feel better. I'm looking forward to next week's ultrasound, even though we aren't finding out what the gender is. It'll just be nice to see how the little peanut is growing.

Question: Do you CrossFit? How do you experiment with fitness?

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